We use our deep knowledge and experience to work with our accelerator companies to quickly bring innovative technologies to the public safety marketplace.

Assured Wireless develops technology, products and services that provide public safety with the most reliably connected broadband wireless devices that stay connected even in the most challenging environments. This unprecedented level of communications reliability enables first responders to confidently take advantage of a suite of mission-specific situational awareness apps and services that allow them to complete their mission more effectively, efficiently, and safely.



SafeTracer offers an error free process to prevent accidental misdials to 911, which take dispatchers' time and attention away from true emergencies and delay public safety's response to those emergencies. The technology of finger tracing a basic shape on a mobile device to send a 911 notification leverages the understanding that we can inadvertently tap, click or swipe but we can't trace an entire shape involuntarily.



ResQnetwork offers implementation of connected "smart" mobile technology in ambulances and other medical first responder vehicles to connect EMS in the field directly to healthcare professionals in hospitals; leverages wireless LTE mobile broadband solutions to facilitate telemedicine capabilities (such as real time exchange of audio, data, and HD video) between EMS personnel and emergency room physicians; and provides LTE coverage data obtained by crowdsourcing and drive testing, along with associated analytics, to public safety.



Secured Communications provides a universal platform through which all mobile device communications and applications can seamlessly integrate and run on a fully secure and encrypted basis. With the ability to integrate applications and automatically store all communications in a secure cloud, Secured Communications is poised to capitalize on the significant worldwide momentum for increased high bandwidth communications particularly within the public safety community. Secured Communications works with agencies and companies across the United States and is expanding globally.



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