We use our deep knowledge, expertise and experience with our accelerator companies to quickly bring innovative technologies to the public safety marketplace.

Assured Wireless develops technology, products and services that provide public safety with the most reliably connected broadband wireless devices that stay connected even in the most challenging environments. This unprecedented level of communications reliability enables first responders to confidently take advantage of a suite of mission-specific situational awareness apps and services that allow them to complete their mission more effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Allerio provides reliable, one-button connectivity over LTE networks to enhance rich data sharing and streamline communications between emergency medical services (EMS) and hospital personnel. Using the Allerio platform, EMS personnel can send encrypted patient data from the field or ambulance, including that from multiple patient monitoring devices, to receiving hospitals and physicians. Allerio’s as-a-service delivery model removes the burden of managing multiple communications vendor relationships and provides a turnkey solution for EMS.



3AM is mission focused on minimizing firefighter confusion by empowering their decisions with data. They're doing this through shareable devices designed for every first responder at every emergency event. These devices deduce movements internally and create an ad hoc network to ensure positional data reaches incident command. This data is then made actionable through a commander focused native app, which syncs to a secure cloud for centralization and training.


Secured Communications provides a universal platform through which all mobile device communications and applications can seamlessly integrate and run on a fully secure and encrypted basis. With the ability to integrate applications and automatically store all communications in a secure cloud, Secured Communications is poised to capitalize on the significant worldwide momentum for increased high bandwidth communications particularly within the public safety community. Secured Communications works with agencies and companies across the United States and is expanding globally.


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